• Research, Development, Test & Evaluation of IT systems and security prior placing in production. This includes labor, services, materials and equipment used to conduct research, development, testing and evaluation prior to going live. Servers, Virtual system "VMWARE" and applications are built and tested in-house prior to installing onsite. This provides us with ability to predict the outcome of a project prior to install. We create custom built systems to suit client needs while maintaining our hours.
  • We standardize our technologies, and best practices to provide a consistent processes for our clients. We can manage multiple customers with Our IT Essentials Process , install and configure systems, collect system status data, protect critical data and system resources, and provide a robust set of managed services for customers. Our process makes all this possible without the need for the MSP or their clients to add additional staffing resources to manage the solution. IT Essentials is the ultimate solution for automating recurring IT tasks. Built on a Kaseya platform, we can offer extended service capabilities with better service delivery, with hosted pay as you go option and low cost of entry. Clients can experience the rewards of IT automation with IT Essentials.
  • We are partners with hardware, software and other solution providers - Microsoft, HP, DELL, Watchguard, Kaseya, Mozy, Cisco, Symantec, Lorex, ADI, & Citrix. "Mozy" Backup and Disaster offsite solutions, "Comcast" business partner, "Kaseya" partner & "Professional Electronics".
  • We work with Developers to create custom applications to accomplish specific tasks to streamline our clients' in-house processes. This includes integration between custom applications such as Timberline and Contract Manager. This integrates data bi-directional between the applications as a scheduled event. This eliminates human error and additional man hours of data entry.
  • We develop and standardize 12-Best practices for our clients. Our best practices insure clients system are secure, maintained to today's industry standards. BP's are an ongoing process and are maintained throughout our Managed Service Agreements.